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It is Done.

Fire season 2015 is officially in the can.

The least number of fires of any season in 20 years, however, not a total loss.

Being here allowed me to get in internship time and finish my degree, get a knee rebuilt, still make decent $ even without fires/OT and I met Amanda. Think I made out pretty damn nicely. Not to mention the thousands of miles I’ve gotten in on my KLR through the deserts and forests here in Idaho, truly spectacular country. Despite my best efforts there is still a great deal to see here and I’ll be back (as a civilian) to check it out.

North of I-84 that is. Like a minimum of 50 miles north of it. The southern flats are standard American dirty (Mormon) jesus infested hillbilly methlands. While I am biased, a co-worker was told, in reference to a drunk 15 year old girl, that “Her daddy already broke her in.” last night so don’t think I’m being a poopy face. Fucked up small town shit is the order of the day around here.

The previously referred to interview went quite well, looks like I’m 99% certain to be working on contract for a tech company in Silicon Valley before the year ends out. Still going to talk to the company in PDX to see what they have coming up and do some compare/contrast. South Bay Area/PDX, GIS/Remote Sensing, being 3 hours from my new GF or 16 hours? All good problems to have.

Meeting Amanda has been the bees knees. She is very mature at 27, (something that should not have to be mentioned, but you guys are cranking out some serious fucking failures these days) and I’m immature for 44 so we make a dandy couple. Having someone who is easy going, adventurous, low key and has an eye for the long haul is nice, very nice. Neither of us is big on possessions, the house with the white picket fence or crotch fruit, making the possibility of being free for big adventures very real.

One more night after this here in Bubbaville, get the knee checked out Tuesday AM, then back to Bend to put the end on the season and a career. Time to start anew. Again. Sweet!

Such a hack!!!


Future so Bright?

This is it! The final day of the most pathetic fire season in a 20 year career. Yes, I know the whole goddamn West burned to the ground, but for some reason I was not invited. I got to sit here in Bubbaville and keep an Org chart in good working order. Sweet. Recent events, however, have led me to believe spending 2 years and a good deal of coin on getting the GIS degree was a good call after all. And this stupid gig helped fund it so I can’t get too pissy.
I never take online jobs sites seriously. Yeah, I’m going to post a resume and the world will come knocking at my door. Go fuck yourself. Well, I figured it couldn’t hurt as I’ve flung a number of resumes out there to crickets, so who not?

Miracle of miracles, 2 days after posting a resume on a jobs site I got an email about a potential gig, responded to without much real thought because nobody gets anything that way, right? Got a call yesterday setting up an interview for a “Forbes Top 50” tech company as a GIS tech. Apparently they like my resume enough the initial 15 minute screened interview got skipped and tomorrow AM I have a real, proper official interview to see if I’m fit for the gig. A 1 year contract requiring a move to the south Bay Area in Cali and, I’m sure, many very long days grinding through a mish-mash of data to help make someone’s troubled mapping application top notch.

On top of this potential sweet news, there is a strong possibility of a gig in PDX should this one not pan out. Holy shit! Opportunity!?!?!? Coming from a position not that many years ago of having been on food stamps and house sitting for traveling friends to keep a roof over my head, this is a damn fine spot to be in.

As much as I poo-poo this current stupid fucking gig, I have to give it credit for how where things are at today. It has provided a modicum of security and consistency, both financially and locationally, to allow a return to living forward, not just surviving. And I got some sweet photos out of the whole thing. Oh, and a girl friend. Not used to that yet.

Once again, the conundrum of which direction life will flow is up in the air. PDX or Cali? Find a storage unit to stuff my shit into if Cali, sort it all again and haul the remains to PDX? We shall soon see. Funny how living out of a Subaru at 44 feels more secure than it ever has. I know the scope of my world, responsibilities, and desires. Fewer and fewer material goods that don’t directly serve a purpose. A good deal of sweet gear to beat the shit out of now that I’m nearly healed back up. A caring, adventurous and entertaining partner. What more could one ask for?