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The shittier the Wx, the better the adventure. That’s what I tell myself anyway…



Despite the severe wind warning NOAA was putting out, I felt it was the perfect day to head out into the desert for some solo riding. Winds on the way out were 40-50 and blew me into the oncoming lane a few times, but the lean traffic made it only scary, not deadly. I got onto the dirt before I had planned to get the fuck off the highway, didn’t need to paint the grill of a semi. Plenty dirt roads to get me where I wanted to go.

For a little background, I used to work for the US Forest Service in this area for around 10 years. 8 of those I lived in very remote Guard Stations, basically remote fire stations, not lookout towers. My love for, and sense of peace found, out in this part of the world is immeasurable. Every time I get out on the East Ft.Rock is a good time. Helps to know damn near every stick in the place.

The initial plan was to go camping out somewhere deeper in the desert, a place called the Lost Forest, basically a large stand of trees in the middle of the desert. Wx quickly changed that idea to a decent day trip.

Started  the sightseeing at a very large Pondo all alone in the desert.


It’s 6.5′ DBH, the last of it’s size out here. No, I won’t give out it’s location. Too many redneck sisterfuckers get hard dicks ruining such things.


Things rapidly went to pot as I headed into the wooded areas and started encountering downed trees. The topper was when I stopped for a spell then tried to restart the bike and there was no power. As in none. Dead. On a OHV trail 35 miles from town. Shook and wiggled shit for 10 minutes and it finally came to life. Decided it was time to wrap it up and headed home.

Found all the wires to the battery negative loose so tightened it all up and it was good to go.


Super exciting I know, but I’ve been sitting on this for a couple months and just wanted to get it the fuck out there.


New excitingly topical stuff to come!!



A Bored Firefighter is a Bad Idea….

Holy fuck, this has been a shit season. 1 little fire in the entire month of August, unprecedented in my career. I can hear the horseshit screed “Well, it’s good not to have fires. Smokey Bear and all that fire is evil shit.”

Wrongo. It’s not like fuel conditions reset to zero if the shit doesn’t burn in a given year. It just means the biomass reservoir gets larger and the potential for even more impactful fires grows yet another year.

But I’ll go more into that stuff in a later post. Right now I’m biding my time for this dreadfully non-lucrative season to end so I can return to Bend and school.

To keep the mental monsters at bay I’ve been futzing with Thumper a lot. KLR forums are a blessing and a curse. Lots of good ‘fix it’ help, way too much ‘I did this custom thing, try it out!’.

So, you may recall from Stupidbook posts the thing looked like this:


Well, I got bored and now it looks looks like this:


Gonna have to hit up Next Adventure for another sweet sticker for the fairing as it was the most noticed thing on the bike. And I love promoting those guys. If you have no idea what NA is, Google ‘em, visit them, buy stuff from them.

It started with a forum thread and me going out, pulling a side panel and hitting it with some rattle can to see what it would look like.


Not good. Got up early this AM, rode up to Hailey Coffee Co. for some joe and delightful bike babble with the cute red head barrista then hit the hardware store for some primer, paint and clear coat. Spent a good while stripping the plastic off the bike then wishing I had taken photos of the wiring connections and complex removals. It all worked out fine, thankfully. The memory is still fairly solid.


Thumper looks a little weird naked:


Now to let it sit for a day in the sun to really cure up nicely then into the Craters of the Moon area for some exploring on Tuesday.

Unless some shit decides to burn burn burn!!!!!!!! Doubtful, but a boy can dream.