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Deep bike nerd babble. The contentious Kenda K270 tire.

Unless you are wayyyyy into moto tires, or just like how I rant about shit, this may not be interesting for you. I’ll leave that ball in your court.

So, when I got my KLR this past June the tires were used up and I did what all newbies do when confronted with such a dilemma, read forums and ask questions to find out what to get. Holy shit! Never could I have imagined the world of contention and confusion that the topic Dual Sport tires could present.

Wanting a good 50/50 that would be affordable I went with the Kenda K270, one of the tires most polarized in reviews. “Love it!”, “Those things are unsafe and a hazard at all times!”. Fuck. Whatever, they’re cheap.

Now that I have 5000 miles on the pair in a pretty solid 60/40 dirt-road balance I have come to a solid conclusion.

These things fucking blow harder than a pivot twink at a foam party at Silverado.

To be fair, the rear is actually pretty good off road. Good hook up, does mud and sandy stuff well, bla bla bla. The fun begins when you get a flat spot going in the tread and the funky side knobs become a steep angle pivot on paved surfaces. Makes it looser in the back than above mentioned twink while trying to hit the twisties. Goddamn horrifying.

The front does well on the paved, having a much more rounded profile than the rear, but is a worthless piece of wandering shit off road. At first I was willing to go with the wandering till it “broke in”. All these miles later it looks hardly worn, but despite varied air pressures (down to 16 psi) this fucker has tried to kill me in almost every surface type ridden. Most disconcerting was the recent experience of trucking down some nice hardpack dirt with a few wet spots in it and no matter the line taken around, through or far away from the wetness the goddamn thing wanted to go down.  Having Mt biked for over 20 years I know the front can wander a great deal and have learned how to go with the flow. This is different. This hunk of shit goes from solid to fucked instantly, no middle ground.

To tie this in with Commerce, I mean Christmas, day I’m happy to say I just ordered an IRC TR8 Battle Rally which looks like a sweet skin and will hopefully take some of the uncertainty out of the front end.

Well, there is that. Let me know if you have any experience with the K270 and what you think.

Rotella, mofos!


The wind, it BLOWS





Holy shitballs! Decided to get in some ‘mellow’ highway time to build up for the big ride home to Oregon in a couple weeks and maybe get in a little freeway action. Silly me forgot the forecast from yesterday mentioned something about wind. As in lots.

So for 234 miles down hwy 20 from Bellevue to Mountain Home, I-84 from there to Twin Falls (icky) and back up 75 it was 20-35 mph head, side, quarter and tail wind. Zero let up in 4 hours. Feel like a wrestled a 400 pound midget covered in Rotella. Many folks in forums had mentioned the KLR front fender being a goddamn sail and I disagree. It’s a sheet of plywood. Fucking parasails envy the ability of that piece of shit to catch the wind.

As if being battered by the wind itself, not to mention wash and debris from semis-its harvest time here in hillbilly heaven and I got blasted by 90mph corn silage and hay a number of times, the goddamn front tire was twitching like a crack whore waiting for a fix.

Thanks the non existent gods a package arrived soon after my return:


Shiny new $9 Acerbis Supermoto front fender. Took it out in the wind tunnel masquerading as a highway and while I got beat up by the wind, the front end was solid.


It’s been farkeled to the point of satisfaction. For now. Check out the LEDs



And here’s one for my Canadians



‘When the hell are you gonna stop writing about your damn bike and get on with something else?’

Eventually. Got some stuff in the pipeline, but being brain dead I felt in the perfect condition to blab about KLRs.


Goddamn white people