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Back in the World

As hard as I tried to post form the road, it didn’t really work out. I’ll be throwing up a few different posts about the big trip soon. A couple about the trip, then at least one for moto/gear nerds about how all my stuff worked or didn’t.
It was a goddamn blast, I can tell ya and the best part was all the amazing people I met along the way. If you ever have the chance, get your ass out of your current world and explore. Or don’t and leave more open space for me, whichever.

More to come soon, very soon!


Cupertino to Bend via Bisbee

The last day in Silicon Valley slowly winds it’s way too conclusion. Got last minute shopping and pack fitting done so while I’ve got a little time before heading out to comedy show #2 in 2 nights figured I’d tap this out.

Bill Burr was so goddamn funny last night my abs were cramping. He’s building a new set and I can’t imagine how much better it needs to get to record.

Tonight is Doug Stanhope and his sorted menagerie of misfits. Having followed him for so long, listening to all his sets, podcasts, seeing him live a few times it’s almost like an old friend is coming to town. Except we’re total strangers.

Then it’s wake up, get some coffee, load up the bike and hit the road.

I’ll be posting photos and vids to Instagram each day and posting a few of these as time and data permit. The bloom in the desert is going nuts right now so there should be some really pretty sights to be had.

Feel free to follow me and share this with other adventures or those stuck in a rut needing to live vicariously through some random idiot riding a KLR all over hell’s half acre.